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We provide end-to-end sourcing, working closely with you to define needs, identify suppliers, manage logistics, ensure quality control, and deliver the optimal solution.

About us

Cardarda was founded in 2008 by Tom Smith, a veteran procurement manager with over 20 years of experience sourcing products internationally. Started as a reliable sourcing partner for brands in the electronics industry, we’ve since grown to a team of 50 experts serving Fortune 500 clients worldwide.

cardarda offer the following services for china sourcing



 product acquisition services


 ODM/OEM       Brand Building


import and export consulting services


product quality assessment


China warehouse facility


economical shipping arrangement


price & MOQ negotiations


Production scheduling monitoring


High-quality product photography


Specialty packaging advice


Quality control and supplier compliance


Customized solutions


who connects to us

we’ll help match you with the right supplier for your journey.

Amazon Sellers​

We offer a comprehensive Amazon product sourcing solution that enables sellers to develop assembled products and stay competitive in terms of pricing. Our services also include meticulous label compliance checks before dispatching products to Amazon’s FBA.


E-Commerce Brands

We specialize in assisting e-commerce sellers who wish to expand their product offerings or entrepreneurs who have no prior manufacturing experience. With our help, their inventory will always remain on the forefront of innovation.

Import Trader

 Importers originating from countries like India, Bangladesh, Africa, and more typically seek suggestions for different products. They assess and select the ones that meet their requirements to be packed into a container and shipped to their respective locations.

Offline Supermarket

Our services cater to supermarkets in Southeast Asia that have a high demand for products at incredibly low prices. We aid them in identifying suitable products that align with their seasonal sales strategies.

Promotional Products Sourcing

Our procurement team handles the sourcing of all components needed for our branded merchandise kits. As an added service, we offer the option to brand these items with your company logo or a customized variation.

Value-added Services

We specialize in assisting e-commerce sellers who wish to expand their product offerings or entrepreneurs who have no prior manufacturing experience. With our help, their inventory will always remain on the forefront of innovation.

Import Trader

In addition to sourcing products, we provide comprehensive support to buyers by offering services such as product quality control, transportation, and warehousing consolidation. These services are especially helpful when finding a supplier is part of the process.

Drop shipping

When your customers needs some exact products, we could help buy and ship directly to him.


FAQs about sourcing products services


How do you find reliable suppliers?


      We use a supplier verification process including checking certifications, visiting facilities, and conducting test orders. We inspect their capability to meet quality, volume, and compliance needs.


Can you source products with my brand name?


      Yes, we work with OEM suppliers who can produce items with custom branding, packaging, labeling etc. based on your specifications.


What steps are involved in the sourcing process?


      Main steps include identifying suppliers based on your requirements, quoting, negotiating costs/MOQs, approving samples, overseeing production, quality assurance, and delivery.


How can you ensure quality control?


     Our quality process involves inspecting initial samples, periodic factory audits during production, final pre-shipment product inspections, and more.


Can you consolidate orders from multiple suppliers?


    Yes, we can coordinate sourcing from various suppliers and consolidate them into fewer deliveries to reduce costs.


How do payments and contracts work?


    We have flexible payment options. Contracts protect IP, quality standards, timelines, etc. Legal supports contracts.


What if I need help with customs and import duties?


     Our customs experts assist with import regulations, duties/taxes payments, and clearing shipments efficiently through customs.



The following are the comments of different customers after using our service

John Smith CEO

"We've been working with [company] for over 5 years for all our product sourcing needs. They've always delivered quality products on time and at very competitive prices. Their expertise in the electronics industry is unmatched - would highly recommend!"

Sarah Johnson WordPress Dev.

"I was new to importing when I started my e commerce business. [Company] made the entire product sourcing and shipping process from China seamless for me. Their communication and customer service is excellent!"

Michael Brown WordPress Dev.

"[Cardarda] has been handling our private label sourcing for the past 3 years. They manage everything from supplier selection to product quality assurance and logistics. This has allowed us to scale our business without any hiccups."

David Lee WordPress Dev.

"We switched from our previous sourcing agent to [company] last year. They were able to reduce our product costs by 15% and improve turnaround times. Very happy with their services."

Elizabeth Sofia CEO

"As a small business, we never could have affordably sourced custom furniture without [company]. They handled the whole process and worked within our budgetary needs. Our costs were 30-40% lower than local!"

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