Pricing Plan

Cardarda: Delivering three Exceptional Services


For the pricing model based on percentage of order amount, we take the following scheme:

For orders $100-$1000

charge 8% of order amount as service fee.

For orders $1,000-$5,000

charge 6% of order amount as service fee.

For orders $5,000-$10,000

charge 5% of order amount as service fee.

For orders over $10,000

charge 3% of order amount as service fee.

our service

Indulge in our Exclusive Suite of Services

service details

Payment Assistance——If you are facing challenges in making payments to your suppliers, we offer facilitated payment services to ensure secure transactions. Our team can assist in receiving and shipping your goods while providing peace of mind. The applicable fees range from 1% to 5% based on the order amount and the number of suppliers involved.

Receiving Products——Once your supplier has shipped the goods to our facility, our team will handle the collection and consolidation of all your products.

Counting Quantity——Upon receiving the goods, we will take the following steps:

– Conduct a thorough quantity check to ensure that the received products match the expected quantity.
– Carefully inspect each product for any visible discrepancies or inconsistencies with the SKU codes.

Product Return Assistance——We are here to facilitate the return process for any goods that were sent by the seller with incorrect SKUs. Additionally, in case of products with incorrect quantities, we will coordinate with the seller to arrange for the re-sending of the correct quantities.

Free Warehouse Storage——By selecting our basic plan, you will receive a complimentary usage period of 20 days for our warehouse facilities in China.

Shipping Arrangement——We offer competitive pricing for various shipping methods, including courier services, air freight, sea freight, and train transportation. Our services cover the entire process, including shipping your goods from China to your designated location, as well as handling the import system and customs procedures.


For the monthly/annual fixed-fee service package model, we take following pricing:

Basic service package:

$ 500 per month or $5,000 per year
  • our service:
  • basic inquiry
  • quotation
  • ordering services

Standard service package:

$ 800 per month or $8,000 per year
  • additionally includes:
  • supplier assessment
  • sample inspection

Premium service package:

$ 1200 per month or $12,000 per year
  • value-added services:
  • quality control
  • legal consultation
  • sourcing advice

VIP Customized service package:

$ 2000 per month or $20,000 per year
  • tailored one-on-one services based on client's procurement needs.


For clients in need of systematic customized services, we offer the following solutions:

3-day Basic Package:

$ 600 per person
  • our service:
  • meals
  • airport transfers
  • accommodation
  • basic translation services

5-day Standard Package:

$ 800 per person
  • additionally includes:
  • venue usage
  • in-depth translation
  • some leisure activities

7-day Premium Package:

$ 1200 per person
  • value-added services
  • private tour guide
  • five-star hotel accommodation
  • additional leisure entertainment options

VIP Customized service package:

Charges are based on individual services $
  • We provide customized services based on your needs.

service details

airport transfers——On the day of arrival, we will receive customers from the airport and provide transportation to and from the airport with a private car and Chinese-speaking tour guide.

accommodation——We provide standard rooms in a four-star hotel, with complimentary WiFi and breakfast included.

meals——We offer three meals a day, where clients can choose to dine at the hotel or local restaurants. We provide a selection of Chinese and Western cuisine.

basic translation services——We provide Chinese translation services for 8 hours per day. Our translators are fluent in the language and have a strong proficiency in business-related communication.

some leisure activities——

City Tours: Guided tours to major attractions in the city, providing insights into local history and culture. This includes transportation and admission fees.

Experiencing Local Specialties: Arranging for clients to experience local cuisine, traditional arts, and other unique activities to immerse themselves in the local culture.

High-end Entertainment: Booking tickets for clients to attend upscale music concerts, plays, sports events, and other entertainment activities.

Theme Park Visits: Providing one-day tickets and transportation services for clients to enjoy theme parks or amusement parks.

Bowling/Karting: Offering entertainment options such as bowling, go-karting, and other recreational activities at high-end venues.

Relaxing at a Spa: Booking appointments at renowned spas for clients to relax and rejuvenate.

Bars/Clubs: Arranging exciting nightlife experiences for clients at bars and clubs.

Team Building: Assisting clients in organizing team-building activities to enhance teamwork and cooperation.

We will customize leisure experiences tailored to our clients’ interests and preferences, allowing them to relax and have fun during their business trips. We are also flexible in adjusting and arranging specific activities based on client needs.

 value-added services——

Golf Experience: Booking golf courses and instructors at top-tier golf clubs for clients to experience professional golfing.

Private Yacht: Chartering a yacht and leading clients on yacht excursions in coastal or lakeside areas.

Flight Experience: Arranging private plane rides for clients to enjoy aerial sightseeing.

Helicopter Tours: Guiding clients on helicopter tours to get a panoramic view of the city from above.

RV Road Trip: Providing luxury RVs and drivers to take clients on in-depth tours of surrounding attractions.

Private Chef Dinner: Having top private chefs prepare exquisite dinners for clients in a private setting.

Backstage Access: Organizing backstage visits to concerts, sporting events, and other activities based on client interests.

Festival Experiences: Arranging for clients to participate in unique local festivals and celebrations.

Leisure Shooting: Safely experiencing the fun of shooting at professional shooting ranges.

We will fully tailor these luxury value-added services to our clients’ interests and needs, offering them unique and unforgettable experiences.

VIP customization——

We offer individual pricing for each service:

Airport transfer service: $50 per person

Translation service: $50 per hour

Hotel accommodation: $100-500 per night depending on the hotel star rating

Dining: $20-50 per meal per person depending on the level

Private tour guide: $200 per day

Meeting venue: $50-100 per hour depending on the venue size

The above prices can be flexibly adjusted based on the specific service content, regional differences, number of clients, and duration of usage. We can also provide customized pricing plans based on your needs and budget. Your valuable feedback is welcome!